Monday, March 7, 2016

Pegan Society

GOEDE DAG DAMES EN HEREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will go through my week J
Climbed the tallest church in Nederland!! I will send pics next week as we are emailing at the library this week and can’t send pics here. That evening we had a lesson fall through but luckily when we went to look Leroy up he was home and we were able to share with him the good word of God J
We blitzed Sliedrecht, the elders city in the Dordrecht ward. Even President and Sister Bunnel came to knock doors!!! It was sick. All together our district was able to find some good potentials for the Elders te Sliedrecht. It was good and very rainy J That night we taught Sidney the first lesson, we found him our first day together but awkward because he wasn’t able to meet with us until the last week of the transfer lol. It was good though. He looks like and sounds like Michael Jackson.
Went on exchanges again to Gouda!! This time both sister cowles and I went. It was a good time! I love that city and we were able to eat dinner at a member’s home whom I just love! Familie de Jonge J
This day was a bit of a bummer the first part because 3 of our lessons fell through L but we did however plan with the Zone leaders for Mission leader council which would be held the next day. After that was awesome J we had an hour until our dinner hour so we decided to hit a street up and after we were walking away from locking up our bikes we stopped to talk to this lady walking by and were able to teach the first lessons there with her on the street! She was pretty positive and we’re pretty sure she felt the spirit when zr. Cowles recited the first vision because she had tears running down her cheeks but her explantion of why she was crying was because there is so much bad in the world and to come across something so good, what we share as missionaries, was so special to her. The church is true, people J That night we met with Farhad and had a member come and it was great. We committed him to fasting to prepare himself for baptism and to not have problems with coffee anymore. He was pumped! We are praying he will get baptized this next transfer. Doing everything we can to help him.  All in the Lord’s timing.
Went to the mission home in Leiden and had Mission Leader Council and counciled things and stuff haha it was good. Was able to see some good friends/companions who are going home this week! Also President Bunnell pulled me aside and pretty much told me I was training lol. I’ll let you know when I talk about Saturday ;)
Saturday ;)
Did some work in and around the city for most of the day, and were finally able to teach Doris because she was home!!! That woman. Love her J that night we went to familie Westerlaken for the last time for Zr. Cowles. They are the part member family we visit every week with the elders. The mom was baptized 8 months ago and her daughter of 21 years about a month ago. We are hoping and praying the other 6 kids will be baptized J I love that family and I feel like home everytime we go there.  Oh P.S. on the train ride to their house President Bunnell called and told me I am expecting!!! Hahaha I will be training a greenie (my baby) and will still be sister training leader but will be a sole sister training leader. We also are getting 2 new sisters in our district so that will be great! 6 sisters to take care of, I am so lucky J Exciting things up in here, folks.  I am so excited to train!!!!!
Sunday :
Fast Sunday!! I love fast Sunday. Farhad fasted with us and it was great. It was Zr. Cowles last time giving her testimony in dutch to people who understand what she is saying. Weird. And her last church service in dutch. I don’t want to get to that point :/ but it’s ok. I still got time J later that day we taught Lissandro, a new investigator who is making steps towards baptism. Hoping I get to see a baptism while I am out here but I know the Lord’s hand is in everything. It is better that it is in His time than mine.
Just been reflecting on how much it means to me to be able to be a representative of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I love having His name on my nametag and my lips at all times. I love this work with a fiery passion and I am so grateful I am able to be a part of it. I love the people of the Netherlands and the many foreigners. I love this land. I love the Lord and I love my God.
Have a great week lieverts! If y'all have the time look up the new easter video that the church just launched titled "Hallelujah". Hopefully it's been launched on the internet...our mission pres just showed it to us.
Love you!!!!!!!!!

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