Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey you chancers

I am having my greenie teach me Irish slang because she comes from NORTHERN IRELAND!! super cool, huh? 

okayokayokay so this week was a good'ne. 

we biked/water bussed over to a place called Kinderdijk, a beautiful place of land with a lot of windmills. that was superb! It's crazy how I've lived here in this land for more than a year now and my breath gets taken away at the sight of beautiful windmills or small european streets with the uneven buildings. I love this place. It was also Sister Cowles' last week in the land so I witnessed a lot of someone's "lasts" of a mission and that was weird as I will be going through that in less than 3 months....then I got to witness someone's "firsts" of a mission, as I am training this new greenie of mine :) anyways...

had district meeting in Gouda and taught Peter after. was a good appointment, pretty much told him straight up that he can't listen to Hilter speeches anymore and only 1 horror film per day....(he's a great person don't worry :)) so crap went down at his house, in a good way. that evening at our dinner appointment I had the biggest Loempia's known to man. our lovely member who had us over for dinner had no idea how huge they were haha they were as big as this keyboard sitting in front of me and one of the elders ate his whole loempia :0 (loempias are basically just really big egg rolls). That evening we taught Farhad, reviewing the restoration with him and committing him to teach it to us the next time. We wer lucky to teach Farhad 3 times this past week! 

went to Leiden to drop off my companion and pick up my brand spankin new greenie! as I said she is from Northern Ireland, and her name is Zr. Black. She is such a sweetheart and loves missionary work already. That evening we kick started her first night of missionary work by teaching someone we found a few weeks ago the Restoration of the gospel. And while she couldn't understand one thing being said (bless her heart) she still did a great job. Sadly the lady doesn't want to convert to any other religion, but she did give us 8+ cook books to take home hahah, what a sweetie. 

went to Rotterdam to plan for Zone Training which will be this Wednesday. I will be giving a presentation and so will the zone leaders...pray for me, it has to be 25 min long...don't think i have ever given a talk or anything like that for that long haha but yeah so wo planned for that, got some Surinaamse eten, and headed back home. did some missionary things, ate at the Bishop's home, and did some 12 week that night... (sadly for my greenie I never did 12 week so...we're both learning it :)) 

had District Leader Council again in Rotterdam, looked for a bike for Zr. Black and didn't find one, taught Farhad and got him back on date for the 17th of April, went to a dinner appointment, and then had a cool/funny experience at our appointment that evening with Daan. We had a Joint teach lined up for that appointment with Daan, but she couldn't come last minute and I felt like we shouldn't go inside to teach him and just stand on his doorstep and teach. Well after awkwardly telling him about the rule that we need another woman with us (that he should have already known about...our fault) we stood and taught him a lesson about obedience and halfway through the lesson I realized...this is why we needed to keep this rule, especially tonight because we are teaching about OBEDIENCE and we ourselves must be OBEDIENT as well. How terrible would it have been had we taught him inside his house about obedience without a Joint Teach, and later down the road he finds out about this rule we have as missionaries? The spirit really helped us out that evening. 

so every year in the Netherlands there is a country wide day of service called "NL Doet Dag" so our whole district went to Rotterdam to a place where you can rent a garden basically and cleaned that place up, painted, and lots of other fun things. It was a great day and the old people there loved us and at the end of the day a guy pulls out his accordion and starts playing it like it's completely normal and all the old people there are singing along a dutch tune haha cutest thing ever. Then he started playing the tune of "Praise to the Man" and we missionaries started singing the words along as he played and they loved it. that was a special moment hehe. 

had a lovely day of church, Zr. Black's first day of church completely in dutch. that night we had dinner at a member's house and he invited Farhad to come too! So we were able to teach Farhad in a member's home. They are pals now :) Farhad is making so much progress lately. He just doesn't want to be pressured into being baptized when we want him to, he wants to be converted and completely off koffie before he takes that step. Het komt goed! Hij is geweldig :)

I love being a missionary and a trainer and i love this land. Remember that "in order to make a difference in the world, you must be different than the world" - Elaine S. Dalton

Have a great week everyone! I will send pictures later. Love you all

Zuster Harris


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