Monday, February 29, 2016

Cops called on us

Yes that's right, the cops were called on us :P "we got a 9393 up in here, got some girls knockin doors at 8:30 at night" but yea, I'll get to that story soon ;)

Last week was another crazy week of back to back exchanges and lotttss of lessons. It was good. I LOVE the sisters in our zone and of course the Tilburg sisters ;) they each have a special and unique light about them and it's so great to get to work with them. I learn a lot every time. We went to an appointment with the Tilburg sisters to an eternal investigator. I will not share his name as he has quite a past behind him. Sister Begazo is however Bad a (sorry) and was super straight up with him and asked him questions to open up. Turns out he is a member of the Hitler Youth, was raised with Nazis and listens to old speeches of Hitler every day almost. It's pretty crazy teaching him because of his past but right now we are working on helping him know that we can change and be forgiven through the Savior's Atonement. He has changed a ton, however. especially since the sisters found him 6 years ago on a night that he was about to take his own life. Really grateful to be able to make a difference in his life. 

anyways, what'd we do this week....I swear my memory has gotten worse the longer i have been out. lollll. thank goodness for planners! let's see, had good lessons with Farhad, he is still preparing for his baptism. Making progress! 

we had dinner/a going away party for sister cowles at the Westerlakens house (a part member family whom I LOVE) ahh it was weird because I felt like I was home....The mom reminds me of my own mother (did I say that last week?) and they just love the missionaries. Looking forward to the day that they will be a forever family :)

Sunday was good, we got to teach the primary lesson :) brought me back to my days before the mission sort of when i was in nursery haha however those kids were much younger :P they are super cute. 

So, story time :) last night we had about an hour after dinner to do some finding. we decided to knock a certain street, prayed that we'd find people and be led by the spirit, and started a knockin'. We come up to a door, and keep in mind it's about 8 pm-8:30, and ring a lady's doorbell. She comes to the door but doesn't open it and just talks to us through the closed door. I do the usual "we are missionaries from our church" and she was like nah it's better if you come in the day time. so we write her down as a potential, and continue knocking. 10 minutes later a cop van pulls up, and we were like uh 2 cops get out and are like what are you two doing? and we told them and they said that an old lady called the cops saying that 2 girls knocked her door and told her to let us in her house hahaha did not say that... anyways, after getting our info and stuff, we ended up having a chill conversation about why we are here and how we're from America and they were really interested in what we was funny. they were just like ok well be careful at night ok? so we said ok and walked away being really confused. 2 minutes later I witnessed a drug deal as we were biking home and it was sketch. welcome to the world :) anyways, point of the story is i hope this cop lady looks up our church eventually becomes converted and baptized, I believe that's why we felt like knocking that street ;) 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! this week I have been trying to live up to the qualities listed in Alma 27:27. Look it up :)

Have a fantastic week, and see the miracles. 

Veel liefs, 
Zuster Harris


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