Monday, March 21, 2016

Not going home

Goede morgen lieverds,

Well, this week was terrible, because I cried for the first time that I am coming home in 2 months. But other than that this week was amazing :) It was filled with zone training, exchanges, contacting, biking, giving out a Book of Mormon to a Muslim man and having a great conversationg with him on the street (have I ever said that I love missionary work?), teaching Daan (our investigator who was athiest when he was found) and him realizing that he has felt the spirit as he prays each day (we read Galations 5:26 to him and he understood finally), taught him the law of chastity with a wonderful joint teach and it was great. it's been fun watching a lot of sister black's "firsts" in the land, and she was a bit awkwarded out with this lesson but it went actually really well haha bless her heart. we also had stake conference this past weekend and an area 70 from england, elder charles, came and spoke and basically singed our eyebrows haha it was the best talk I have ever heard. He spoke and testified with power. his main topic was "NEVER stop inviting someone to partake of the gospel." and to always be bold and never choose if someone qualifies for the gospel because everyone does. It was a wake up call to all of us. sorry that this email is so scattered, don't have much time to make it all fancy. Just know that I am doing well and loving the work, almost a little too much haha. My emotions have been pretty close to the surface lately because I don't have much time left on my mission. a returned sister missionary from this mission emailed me this "the moment they took my nametag off me something happened, and i realized just how very closely we get to work with Our Savior and Redeemer. how our nametags, and the calling, the mantel, the spirit that goes with it, entitles us to legions upon legions of guardian angels, headed by Jesus Christ. how surrounded we are, as missionaries, by heaven. day and night. i want to tell you guys that the moment i felt that leave, i knew that they were leaving me to go and continue protecting and guiding all of you. and how grateful i was to just have been able to experience that for 18 months. to be able to experience it with all of you." this moment will be one of the hardest moments of my life I think but I know these legions will be with the other missionaries and I can't be selfish and want it for myself. The work goes on, and life will go on. Just trying to soak up every moment of this.  I love you all and hope you are having personal experiences with the Savior and are cherishing those moments. Remember how much He loves you and wants you to be happy and successful. Have a wonderful week. 

Zuster Harris

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