Sunday, February 1, 2015

Funny Story...

oh another funny story....Zr. F. and I were walking to an appointment in Gouda and I thought I saw the edlers in our ward (who we go to like every dinner appt. with...) and they were contacting a lady and I (being my normal weird, annoying self) was like "HOI !!!" and zr f was like shhh they're contacting!! so I felt really dumb becasue we had to walk past them, turns out they were Jehovah's Witnesses missionaries....awks.. lol they were like'"hoi?" when we walked past and zr. f whispered "hi elders" because she still thought it was our gouda elders. lol anyways.

Rein Gek

First things first - it's like 10 pm there and 6 am here haha. we had to wake up early today to do emailing because there is only one computer and me and my comp use it, and the other Gouda elders are using it today as well...anyways....random
umm where to start...
1.FOUND ME A DANG BIKE haha we went past this second hand store a bunch of times and finally found me a that's cool. it has a basket. I'll send a pic :)
2. I met the lady who I TRC'd with in the mtc...who lives in the netherlands (we had to skype with someone from the ndls and teach a lesson) Maria Gonzalez! So so so aardig.
3. we haven't gotten TOO terribly lost on our bikes yet. 
4. meeting some new potentials.....Elsa (yes like the queen), Cherry, Ellen, Lucilene. all are amazing, haven't really gotten to know them too well but we will :)
1. missing every train all the time lolololol so funny.....
2. so we had zone training last wed. and after it was over (it was really good by the way) me and zr. F were looking up an address at the church for our next appt. and we were like talking about the directions and I said "so you turn right there..."and Elder Holt came in and was like "RIIIIGHHHTTT!!!!!" AND SCARED THE POO OUT OF ME (I didn't actually poo haha just so you know...) and we freaked out then started laughing....then he went to the other room, and I was like "i just peed!!!" to zr. F. then we quoted this other sister who I guess said something like " I peeeeeed my boddyyyyyy!" haha so I said that, turned around to see Elder Cook in the doorway and he started busting I've made my mark in this zone so far. that amongst many other funny/stupid things I say/do HAHA help me
3. MERYKA ok can't remember if I told you about meryka last week but she is a Suruname lady who lives in Capelle. We are not sure if she's all that with it. but we made an appt. with her last time so we came to visit her again. she wanted to read out of the kinder book of mormon with us so we did that but while we were there she wouldn't stop smoking. we asked her if she could wait until after we left but she was just so we persisted with teaching her, breathing or no breathing, and she kind of just walked around the house sometimes. we met her a few weeks ago at the train station at capelle asking people for money...she came up to us because we were trying to find a street of another onderzoeker and she wanted to help us, so she took us to that person's house, after that person said they weren't interested becasue we were white (lol) meryka insisted on us coming to her house. so we taught her a mini restoration lesson....anyways...yeah
4. did I tell you I had to bear my testimony in church the first week here in the language? well I did. It was ok. I was sitting next to one of the elder's investigator's who was going to leave sacrament early and I was like dang it! you're going to miss me making a fool out of myself when I go to bear my testimony in dutch :) and she was so sweet...she was like "no one can judge you. only God can. and it's your testimony....just go up there and bear it." so that was sweet. she ended up not staying anyway haha but it wasn't TOO terribly bad :)
5. I almost got run over by bike. lol i'm SUCH a greenie :)