Monday, January 25, 2016

Goodbye Groningen hello Dordrecht

Man, you'd think this whole transfering thing would get easier the more I do it (and I do it a lot).

So we got the call on Saturday night, the night BEFORE transfer calls were supposed to happen and President was on the other line. I answered and we made some small talk, then he cut to the chase and was like..."Sister Harris, I need you to leave Groningen. You are needed somewhere else. can you do that for me?" I was like...uhhhh yeah President. Keep in mind i have been here not as long as my companion. So he told me I am going to Dordrecht, which is a city somewhat close to my first city, Gouda. I will be serving with Sister Cowles and we will be sister training leaders together.

So like, I don't know that my heart has any more room to love these people. My 5 cities have had some of the most loving, down to earth people who love their Savior, and whom I have grown to love so much. But I know that I can love the people of Dordrecht. I am excited for this new adventure, but worried to get settled in haha like the dutch missionaries say, "ik ben geen blijver, hoor!"

But it's ok. God is shaping me into the person I must become. I literally feel like a muscle being stretched and worked then stretched and worked some more, tired but still willing to keep going. Weird analogy, I realize that.

So anyways, enough about me, more about these people of whom I am blessed to be around!

Last week was a pretty low week as far as lessons went, but the 2 lessons we did have were both member present and were both super great lessons. Piet is still planning and looking forward to his baptism on the 5th of march, and when we found out I am transferring out, he said, "oh no! she won't be there for my baptism!" we reassured him I would be there. Don't worry Piet, don't worry :)

A lot of our investigators have been pretty sick these past few weeks and dutch people do NOT like poeple visiting them if they are not feeling well. They will just say, "it''s ok, just call me next month and i should be better" so like, bummer and stuff but it's ok.

Last week we went on exchanges to Apeldoorn, and they're doing this new thing that instead of switching cities for a day with the sister training leaders, you just both go on splits to their cities for a full day. It was different, but also we saw a miracle from it. We were on our 1.5 hour train ride to Apeldoorn and we were sitting in a 4-man seating arrangement. In comes a younger guy, good looking and intimidating to talk to. He did all the anti-social things, reading, listening to music, and sleeping. I was scared but determined to talk to him. when we had only 20 minutes or so left of our train ride I asked him what he was reading. He responded and I can't remember what it was about haha but it led right into what we are doing here in Holland and why we believe in God and he was super interested. When he found out we were going to get on another train to Apeldoorn from the city we had to step out at, he was like...could I just keep riding with you guys? i have a day off and I would like to know more. are you guys in a hurry or could we maybe go get some coffee or tea somewhere?" and we had a little bit of time before our next train left so we went to Starbucks and he insisted on buying us coffee. hahah we were like well hot cocoa is fine. so we sipped on some hot cocoa in the Starbucks across the street fro the train station in Zwolle and talked about God and how we can receive answers from the spirit and how to pray and all these lovely things. it was SO cool!!! we gave him a Book of Mormon and Alma 32 to read about faith. then we gave him our card and he gave us his number so we could keep in touch and continue to answer his questions. Tonight we are meeting with him to teach him some more and answer his questions.

Well, I am sad I am leaving Groningen, but I know the Lord's hand is in all things. I have come to KNOW that on my mission. I hope you can see that in your life, as well.

I love you all!

Zuster Harris


Monday, January 18, 2016

"If you don't like where you are, move. You're not a tree" - Sister Romig


Another week quickly slipped through my fingers. Seriously, time is too fast! This week was another great one. We celebrated Sister Stewart-Chester's birthday, met with Piet, our investigator who is slowly but surely progressing towards baptism, FINALLY met with Nasu and things are good with her..., had zone training, had a week of snow and ice, had a BOMB lesson with this lady we met while biking (tell you in a sec), chopped some trees and stacked some wood for service for the de Jonge's, went to a FROZEN birthday party at the Richardsons for Siyanna's 5th birthday, taught the first lesson to an akward Korean man, and this week we laughed a lot. But what else is new? :)

So on Monday evening last week we got taken out to ea by the de Jonges for Sister SC's birthday to an all you can eat sushi and chinese place...can you say spoiled?!? I seriously love the de Jonge's. Every. Single. One. The de Jonges is a family consisting of 9 children that are spread all around the Netherlands and are a MAJOR asset to each ward/branch they serve in, and I have met 7 of them plus the blessed parents, who let the missionaries in as they knocked on their door one day, 45 years ago. Such a cool story! They are so great. anyways. sushi is always great. we also almost got attacked by geese in our backyard that day so that was awesome.

 On Tuesday we met with Piet, and taught him the importance of scripture reading, praying and church attendance. He was keen on the first two, but not so much on church attendance (even though he had come to church 2 days previous to this appointment). oh piet. well we testified of the promised blessing that come from living this commandment. We will see how it turns out. Then we finally saw Nasu after not being able to meet with her for over a month due to health and legality issues. She had an important meeting last Friday to see if she can stay in the country or go back to Africa. She finds out today, so we will call her and see what's up. She is still wanting to be baptized, but wanted to focus on this first. Whatever happens, I know the ability to be baptized will be accessible wherever she goes. I know God has a plan for her!

Wednesday we had zone training, that was good. We did a roleplay on speed dating. Lol not what you are thinking ;) we did "speed dating" in the sense of getting investigators on baptismal date and how it's not as hard as we think. 

Thursday we met with Jaineline, a lady we met op straat one evening biking home (i think i mentioned her in my last email?) and taught her the first lesson and she accepted the baptismal invitation and was excited to read the Book of Mormon and wanted us to come back 2 DAYS LATER. FYI that doesn't happen with dutch people. she isn't dutch, however. she is from Curacao. She is the sweetest! we were looking forward to that appointment with her 2 days after but she got sick so we will meet with her this week. We love Jaineline <3

So we went to this Frozen birthday party for Siyanna...en het was HELEMAAL GEK!!!!!!!!! hahahaha it was so cool though. Leticia and her family went totally all out with this party. I will send pictures. She even hired an Anna, Elsa and Olaf to come. Super cool! It was however really funny when a little boy yelled out "Olaf is NEP!!!!" (Olaf is fake) hahahaha.

well that's about our week. I love the city I am in. Er gaat toch niets Boven Groningen!!!!!!!! something cool that i heard in sacrament yesterday in a brother's talk was this: "Wij hebben handen om te geven en harten om te VERgeven."  (we have have hands hands to give and harts to FORgive.) I know that through the Savior's loving sacrifice we can me made whole. I know we can always begin again each and every new day. It IS possible to change. I know it, I have been changed and I have witnessed others being changed. It is possible, dankzij Christus. I love this Gospel. I love my Savior. I love my Father in Heaven. I love THE NETHERLANDS and the Dutch people and the people I meet her from all around the world. I love this work. and I love you guys!!!!!!! Have a great week and see the miracles in the small things :)

Veel liefs,

Zuster Harris :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wonderen en...toch meer wonderen:)

Goede dag allemaal!!!!!!!

Well sadly I have not a ton of time but this week was a great week. Also a really different one. So last week it snowed a blizzard on Monday and the next day it was all iced over (literally 2-3 inches of ice on the ground). People were seriously wearing their ice skates and skating around. I wanted to try it haha!! But we walked/slid to district meeting that didn't actually happen due to that president has us all go back home and the Leeuwarden and herenveen missionaries had to stay over here in Groningen because the trains weren't working so the sisters stayed over with us and pretty much it was a was weird to be home with more people than my companion and almost like...partying? Missionary style of course but I almost felt apostate not working haha. So the next day we had an appointment with our investigator Piet and it was still slippery and icy but we still went and I actually fell on my bike on the ice and got a pretty gnarly bruise on my knee...wish you could see it it's cool haha anyways long story short, we had a great lesson with him and ended up getting him on baptismal date for 5 March. He also came to church yesterday, along with Micky. Also something super cool that happened at church was that 25 or so students that are a part of a religion club that are all Christians came to church and participate ALL THREE HOURS. They asked questions and answered questions in the gospel principles class and they all got a Book of Mormon and talked to them and told them if they were interested they could come up and talk to the missionaries and that they were welcome to come to church anytime. It was SUPER cool. We also had a great appointment with Anna and she was keen on setting a baptismal date next week but then we got we got a call from her yesterday telling us she's not interested anymore but we still have an appointment with her this Thursday where she will explain everything. We are sad about that but still hopeful. Then also got s text from another investigator of ours who we've been trying to get ahold of who said she's also not Interested anymore. Sad day :( BUT good news :)

AURORA, A GIRL SISTER FREDRICKSON AND I FOUND WHILE KNOCKING DOORS A YEAR AGO, GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY WHILE SHE'S BEEN LIVING IN AUSTALIA. She is SO solid. I am so happy and excited for her. Sad that I couldn't be there, but still so happy for her. It has been a team effort with all of us sisters who have taught her. But honestly she was golden from the day we met her on the door. Miracles happen guys. 

Ummm wat nog we went to the Klompen fabriek (wooden shoes factory)!!!!!!!!! And I got a pair of my own fitted to my feet! They are SICK can't wait to wear those around my house when I'm home (you all thought I was going to say put them on a shelf huh!?) hahahaha IK BEN TOCH NEDERLANDS, HOOR

lol anyways....oh! Also this guy we met on the street once while biking through the beijum came to institute last week and it was awesome because there was a jovo there who is such a member missionary and we were able to actually teach him most of the first lesson. Again, miracles happen! He wants to meet more AND his Sundays at work just got a little bit more freed up! P.s. He hunts boa constrictors in the jungles of South America so...that's pretty awesome, right!?!

Ok well this week was 'tuurlijk een van de beste! Missions are crazy but I. Love. My. Mission. The Lord's hand is in this work! I know that! I love you all! I don't think I can send pics this week sadly :( but next week for sure. I will try to send the pics of Aurora dressed in white:)

Veel liefs,

Zuster Harris <3 

Alma 37:6 :)
Het voelde heel goed, ik voelde zoveel liefde!
Ik moest helaas wel twee keer onder water omdat mn elleboog de eerste keer nog boven water was haha.
De eerste twee foto's zijn met Elder Miller en Masima. Elder Masima heeft me gedoopt en Elder Miller gaat me morgen bevestigen! De andere foto is met Zuster Osburn, ze is samen met haar man Elder Osburn op een Senior zending!
Dit was nooit gebeurt zonder jullie! Ik voel me zo blij en ik kan niet wachten om te worden bevestigd morfen!!  Ik wou dat jullie er bij konden zijn! Ik mis jullie zo erg!
Gaat alles goed met jullie? Hoe is Nederland? Ik kom jullie allemaal opzoeken als jullie terug zijn van jullie zending!

Heeeeeeeeeeeel veel liefs!
Love you all!!!!!!
Sister Greenwood ;) :P
Hiiii!! :)

Ik wou jullie even emailen om te laten weten hoe het gaat en omdat ik jullie mis!

Ik ben nu in Oamaru. Dat is de plaats waar broeder hoornweg het over had met met de pinguïns. Ik heb dus een job interview gehad voor de pinguïn job, maar ik heb nog niks er over gehoord..
Ik probeer nu dus ook andere banen te krijgen.
Gister ben ik naar de kerk geweest! Er is een service om 9 uur en om 13:00. And You guys won't believe it, but I went to the 9 o'clock one. (soo early). De delen zijn een beetje omgedraaid, want hier beginnen ze met het avondmaal, daarna de onderzoekers klas en dan vor de vrouwen. Het was goed om naar de kerk te gaan, ik voelde me heel fijn! En heel veel aardige mensen ofcourse. Vanavond ga ik bij een lid eten! :) er zijn twee elders in Oamaru, dus hun ga ik waarschijnlijk later deze week meeten.

Maaaar hoe gaat het met jullie?
Ik wil jullie ook even bedanken voor altijd zo lief te zijn! Ik ben zo dankbaar dat ik jullie allemaal heb ontmoet. Jullie zijn mijn favoriete personen!!

Love you!!