Monday, April 25, 2016

This week

hey this week will be rather short with some pictures. i am getting transferred down to Lokeren, Belgium. I will be with Sister Burnham who will be on her 2nd transfer. my greenie will be training a new sister missionary, so like, job well done to me ;) haha totally kidding, i did nothing. She literally came pre-trained, sister black. i will miss her lots. this week was great, last night we went to these two peoples house who we met last week and knew it was sister black's bday last week so we came last night and they had baked a cake and we drank tea and talked about Jesus. I loved it. I love missionary work. I love the lord.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The temple and flowers :)


this week was a good one, busy but good! Busy is good, right? Anywho, we got to go to the temple this week as a mission and thereafter Keukenhof. Crazy that I went on this trip a  year ago already, I remember thinking..."wow, next year when I go I will only have like 6 weeks left..." crazy how fast time flies. 
We found 2 new investigators this week, both from Italy, both completely random people (they don't know eachother) but like, it was super cool! Taught them both the first lesson and they were positive and want to learn more and come to church. 
Daan is still a superstar, and the elders told us that yesterday in priesthood they were trying to figure out who could give an elderly woman in the ward a lift to church, and Daan immediately stuck his hand in the air. He is so solid. We are going to try to move his baptismal date up a few weeks because he is SO ready. Continue to pray for him, expecially the closer he gets to being baptized because we all know how the adversary can be and can pull people down if we don't continue to pray for them and support them. He is doing so well!!!!
The temple was amazing, I love the feeling there. When I walked in I just felt like I walked into home. It was a beautiful experience, and that is something I am looking forward to when I end my mission, I can go to the temple as often as I want :) Love it there. Prayers were answered. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week, here are some pics of Keukenhof, the temple, and other random things :) LOVE YOU
Zuster Harris
1. Selfie
2. Peter and Kyla
3. Rainy sunset from apartment
4. Elder Penman and Sister Black, buddies from the MTC
5. The Den Haag Temple!
6. Selfie again

1. Us sitting in a wooden shoe with a very happy little boy running. Funny thing is there were 2 little kids inside the shoe that said when we came up to take a picture: "you can take the picture, we just want to stay in the shoe" then there were lots of little giggles :) reminded me of Kylie and Ella.
2. Tulip fields
3. Elder Penman
4. Elders Penman and Bonner
5. the elders wanted a picture with them
6. Me and President and Sister Bunnell!! LOVE these two. 

1. Elder Hirsch and his wooden dutch shoes (Klompen)
2. Sister Black's first time trying Harring. She didn't actually eat it. 
3. Sisters Romeny and Goodman
4. remake photo of last year at Keukenhof with their twin hair
5. tuuuuuuulippppsssssss
6. Romney and flowers :)

1. had to
2. lovely shot of Elder Hirsch and his klompen and the tulips in the background.
3. selfieeee
4. is this allowed?
5. me and some massive sized klompen
Good times were had by all. 


Monday, April 11, 2016

Een hele goede dag iedereen! :)

Een hele goede dag iedereen! :)
well, the subject line says it: this week was OFF DA HOOK CRAY BIZAYYY. But like, it was a great week and I am so grateful for my circumstances. I am beyond grateful for the sisters in my zone that i am privileged to work among. we saw some miracles this week:
1. finally got to teach Farhad this week
2. went on exchanges to Tilburg where i worked with sister parker (a greenie) who is on fire and we taught the first lesson twice while knocking doors, on their doorstep. got them a new, solid investigator named Layo :) he is awesome he tried giving us 10 euros to pay back for the Book of Mormon. after standing there for 10 minutes, telling him dat mag niet (we can't accept that) he kept insisting and we were about to miss our train. after trying to explain as hard as we could, and him still holding it out, we caved and had to accept it. his reasoning was that 10 years ago someone gave him money to catch a train and he asked how he could pay him back, well the guy told him to just pay it forward. There you go folks, that was a lesson i learned this week was to pay it forward. bless someone else's life. we promised Layo we would give it to someone who really needed it. bless his heart. 
3. family Westerlaken. 'nuff said. 
4. Daan came to church yesterday AND was fasting AND bore his testimony in the fast and testimony meeting. wow. the spirit was strong. he is so solid. So so so grateful. so excited for him. 
Anyways, don't have much more time so that was a summary of my week's miracles! don't forget to never stop inviting someone to partake of the gospel, to pay it forward, and know that God loves you. I love you too. 
veel liefs, 
Zuster Harris
1. a selfie of me to remember what i look like because lets be honest none of you remember lol jk
2. sister black and her best friend from Ireland who happened to come to the same mission and were mtc comps and are now in the same district. Irish buddies! :)

the rest are pics of me sitting on these random book piles we found here in Dordt. enjoy.