Monday, March 28, 2016

Dear all

This one will be a bit short, but just want to say first off that I am safe and we are just doing what we normally have been doing, and that is missionary work. It has been a bit of a scary week with the bombings and such, but this week I have felt the help of angels more than ever my entire mission, and not just with safety but with being led by the spirit to the right people. Last Tuesday I was on exchanges with a new sister in Dordrecht and we met this girl on the street who is 19 and super positive, wants to learn more and sent us to her friend down the street who also wants to learn more. We are also going to start teaching one of our investigator's daughters who is also 19 so hopefully the ysa in this ward will finally start goin :) we are happy and are seeing miracles and are working our hinys off haha each and every night we lay in our beds exhausted, but satisfied, and before we know it, the alarm goes off and we get to do the same, but very different things again that day and i am so blessed for that. I really enjoy this work so much. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support, whether is has been through emails, prayers, fasting, financial support, whatever it is I want to thank you and know that God loves you and has a specific plan for you. this week has been better as far as emotionalness goes, haha. I am just enjoying and working hard, and when the time comes to go home, it will be ok. I will be ok because I know God has more things in store for me and the people I will continue to share the gospel with after  my mission. I love the Lord, and I am so grateful I get to testify of Him everyday, and think about Him every day, even when it's not Easter, and that is my invitation to each and every one of you, is to keep Him in your thoughts and hearts, and try to be like him. I know that the problems of the world would be solved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I also know that God is the Master Planner and has His purposes. the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is coming closer and closer so we need not fear if we are doing all we can to follow Him! Find Him and leave your nets, and don't ever go back to your nets. He has something else in mind.

Love you all very much, really. Thank you. 

Have a lovely, safe week. 

Zuster Harris


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