Monday, January 25, 2016

Goodbye Groningen hello Dordrecht

Man, you'd think this whole transfering thing would get easier the more I do it (and I do it a lot).

So we got the call on Saturday night, the night BEFORE transfer calls were supposed to happen and President was on the other line. I answered and we made some small talk, then he cut to the chase and was like..."Sister Harris, I need you to leave Groningen. You are needed somewhere else. can you do that for me?" I was like...uhhhh yeah President. Keep in mind i have been here not as long as my companion. So he told me I am going to Dordrecht, which is a city somewhat close to my first city, Gouda. I will be serving with Sister Cowles and we will be sister training leaders together.

So like, I don't know that my heart has any more room to love these people. My 5 cities have had some of the most loving, down to earth people who love their Savior, and whom I have grown to love so much. But I know that I can love the people of Dordrecht. I am excited for this new adventure, but worried to get settled in haha like the dutch missionaries say, "ik ben geen blijver, hoor!"

But it's ok. God is shaping me into the person I must become. I literally feel like a muscle being stretched and worked then stretched and worked some more, tired but still willing to keep going. Weird analogy, I realize that.

So anyways, enough about me, more about these people of whom I am blessed to be around!

Last week was a pretty low week as far as lessons went, but the 2 lessons we did have were both member present and were both super great lessons. Piet is still planning and looking forward to his baptism on the 5th of march, and when we found out I am transferring out, he said, "oh no! she won't be there for my baptism!" we reassured him I would be there. Don't worry Piet, don't worry :)

A lot of our investigators have been pretty sick these past few weeks and dutch people do NOT like poeple visiting them if they are not feeling well. They will just say, "it''s ok, just call me next month and i should be better" so like, bummer and stuff but it's ok.

Last week we went on exchanges to Apeldoorn, and they're doing this new thing that instead of switching cities for a day with the sister training leaders, you just both go on splits to their cities for a full day. It was different, but also we saw a miracle from it. We were on our 1.5 hour train ride to Apeldoorn and we were sitting in a 4-man seating arrangement. In comes a younger guy, good looking and intimidating to talk to. He did all the anti-social things, reading, listening to music, and sleeping. I was scared but determined to talk to him. when we had only 20 minutes or so left of our train ride I asked him what he was reading. He responded and I can't remember what it was about haha but it led right into what we are doing here in Holland and why we believe in God and he was super interested. When he found out we were going to get on another train to Apeldoorn from the city we had to step out at, he was like...could I just keep riding with you guys? i have a day off and I would like to know more. are you guys in a hurry or could we maybe go get some coffee or tea somewhere?" and we had a little bit of time before our next train left so we went to Starbucks and he insisted on buying us coffee. hahah we were like well hot cocoa is fine. so we sipped on some hot cocoa in the Starbucks across the street fro the train station in Zwolle and talked about God and how we can receive answers from the spirit and how to pray and all these lovely things. it was SO cool!!! we gave him a Book of Mormon and Alma 32 to read about faith. then we gave him our card and he gave us his number so we could keep in touch and continue to answer his questions. Tonight we are meeting with him to teach him some more and answer his questions.

Well, I am sad I am leaving Groningen, but I know the Lord's hand is in all things. I have come to KNOW that on my mission. I hope you can see that in your life, as well.

I love you all!

Zuster Harris


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