Monday, January 11, 2016

Wonderen en...toch meer wonderen:)

Goede dag allemaal!!!!!!!

Well sadly I have not a ton of time but this week was a great week. Also a really different one. So last week it snowed a blizzard on Monday and the next day it was all iced over (literally 2-3 inches of ice on the ground). People were seriously wearing their ice skates and skating around. I wanted to try it haha!! But we walked/slid to district meeting that didn't actually happen due to that president has us all go back home and the Leeuwarden and herenveen missionaries had to stay over here in Groningen because the trains weren't working so the sisters stayed over with us and pretty much it was a was weird to be home with more people than my companion and almost like...partying? Missionary style of course but I almost felt apostate not working haha. So the next day we had an appointment with our investigator Piet and it was still slippery and icy but we still went and I actually fell on my bike on the ice and got a pretty gnarly bruise on my knee...wish you could see it it's cool haha anyways long story short, we had a great lesson with him and ended up getting him on baptismal date for 5 March. He also came to church yesterday, along with Micky. Also something super cool that happened at church was that 25 or so students that are a part of a religion club that are all Christians came to church and participate ALL THREE HOURS. They asked questions and answered questions in the gospel principles class and they all got a Book of Mormon and talked to them and told them if they were interested they could come up and talk to the missionaries and that they were welcome to come to church anytime. It was SUPER cool. We also had a great appointment with Anna and she was keen on setting a baptismal date next week but then we got we got a call from her yesterday telling us she's not interested anymore but we still have an appointment with her this Thursday where she will explain everything. We are sad about that but still hopeful. Then also got s text from another investigator of ours who we've been trying to get ahold of who said she's also not Interested anymore. Sad day :( BUT good news :)

AURORA, A GIRL SISTER FREDRICKSON AND I FOUND WHILE KNOCKING DOORS A YEAR AGO, GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY WHILE SHE'S BEEN LIVING IN AUSTALIA. She is SO solid. I am so happy and excited for her. Sad that I couldn't be there, but still so happy for her. It has been a team effort with all of us sisters who have taught her. But honestly she was golden from the day we met her on the door. Miracles happen guys. 

Ummm wat nog we went to the Klompen fabriek (wooden shoes factory)!!!!!!!!! And I got a pair of my own fitted to my feet! They are SICK can't wait to wear those around my house when I'm home (you all thought I was going to say put them on a shelf huh!?) hahahaha IK BEN TOCH NEDERLANDS, HOOR

lol anyways....oh! Also this guy we met on the street once while biking through the beijum came to institute last week and it was awesome because there was a jovo there who is such a member missionary and we were able to actually teach him most of the first lesson. Again, miracles happen! He wants to meet more AND his Sundays at work just got a little bit more freed up! P.s. He hunts boa constrictors in the jungles of South America so...that's pretty awesome, right!?!

Ok well this week was 'tuurlijk een van de beste! Missions are crazy but I. Love. My. Mission. The Lord's hand is in this work! I know that! I love you all! I don't think I can send pics this week sadly :( but next week for sure. I will try to send the pics of Aurora dressed in white:)

Veel liefs,

Zuster Harris <3 

Alma 37:6 :)
Het voelde heel goed, ik voelde zoveel liefde!
Ik moest helaas wel twee keer onder water omdat mn elleboog de eerste keer nog boven water was haha.
De eerste twee foto's zijn met Elder Miller en Masima. Elder Masima heeft me gedoopt en Elder Miller gaat me morgen bevestigen! De andere foto is met Zuster Osburn, ze is samen met haar man Elder Osburn op een Senior zending!
Dit was nooit gebeurt zonder jullie! Ik voel me zo blij en ik kan niet wachten om te worden bevestigd morfen!!  Ik wou dat jullie er bij konden zijn! Ik mis jullie zo erg!
Gaat alles goed met jullie? Hoe is Nederland? Ik kom jullie allemaal opzoeken als jullie terug zijn van jullie zending!

Heeeeeeeeeeeel veel liefs!
Love you all!!!!!!
Sister Greenwood ;) :P
Hiiii!! :)

Ik wou jullie even emailen om te laten weten hoe het gaat en omdat ik jullie mis!

Ik ben nu in Oamaru. Dat is de plaats waar broeder hoornweg het over had met met de pinguïns. Ik heb dus een job interview gehad voor de pinguïn job, maar ik heb nog niks er over gehoord..
Ik probeer nu dus ook andere banen te krijgen.
Gister ben ik naar de kerk geweest! Er is een service om 9 uur en om 13:00. And You guys won't believe it, but I went to the 9 o'clock one. (soo early). De delen zijn een beetje omgedraaid, want hier beginnen ze met het avondmaal, daarna de onderzoekers klas en dan vor de vrouwen. Het was goed om naar de kerk te gaan, ik voelde me heel fijn! En heel veel aardige mensen ofcourse. Vanavond ga ik bij een lid eten! :) er zijn twee elders in Oamaru, dus hun ga ik waarschijnlijk later deze week meeten.

Maaaar hoe gaat het met jullie?
Ik wil jullie ook even bedanken voor altijd zo lief te zijn! Ik ben zo dankbaar dat ik jullie allemaal heb ontmoet. Jullie zijn mijn favoriete personen!!

Love you!!


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