Monday, January 4, 2016

"We are living in a WAR ZONE!!!!"

Yes, that is correct. We live in a war zone in the Netherlands.

This week was pretty low-key again, dankzij the holidays and such...always when there are holidays here in Holland, it's rather difficult to meet with our investigators. So that was a struggle this week. But we were able to meet with a lot of our less-actives we've been working with and that is always great. These people just need support and know that God loves them and feel that they are accepted and loved. They need to hear the uplifting message we share and they need the spirit back in to their homes. We met with a member who doesn't come to church very often but yesterday she came! that was so cool to see her and her daughter in the chapel as we walked in. 

We also had interviews with President and Sister Bunnell and as usual that goes great. Don't worry, I'm not being emergency transferred out like last time ;) (no stalkers anymore...) so yay. Later that night we went to a less-active family's home (the richardsons) to have family home evening with them. The elders came too, however they were on splits with the APs so it was fun to see elder bonner again (he was in amsterdam while I was there). The elders came so they could better fellowship the father of the family and help reactivate him. The wife really wants to go through the temple as a family to be sealed forever so we want to make that happen. They've got a little ways to go and the father has some questions (he participated more than ever) so that was good to know what he needs to learn. we love this family. We visit them every week but this past visit was a great one. 

Also, another cool little miracle that happened this week was meeting a man we met on the street while biking about a month ago. On this night a month ago we had an appointment with an investigator and a member came as joint teach but our investigator wasn't home and the member was a little upset about that, that he biked all the way over and it didn't happen. We felt really bad but people still have their agency. well we felt a little bumbed but I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Sometimes appointments fall through so you can find someone else. We decided to bike down this long, dark and dreary bike path to see if we could find anyone to talk to...then at the same time we both had the thought that we needed to turn around and go back. well we still had some time before curfew and I was still pumped that we were gonna find someone. so we biked around our neighborhood, and eventually there were these 2 pretty hefty looking guys walking, both with their hoods on and on the other side of the street. It was a little eery and it was rainy but something pushed me to talk to them. So we biked over and I introduced ourselves and told them about this Book we are sharing with people for free that has changed our lives. Turns out these 2 guys are from Greece, and are identical twins! They were the funniest guys ever and really were impressed with what we do. They reminded us of Tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum (are those their names?) and they weren't really interested so we have them our card and biked on. Well this past week we saw one of them and he told us that since we met with him it reminded him that he wanted to feel closer to God and had gone to his church 3 times since we stopped and talked to him! we thought that was pretty cool. We gave him the address of our church so he could come to ours ;) those little tiny miracles are totally worth it. 

New years day we got sushi with the APs and had an early curfew so had to stay in our house all night but it was cool. Set a lot of goals (president had a do an evening of goal setting for our mission and the rest of our lives..) and it was really cool. We did a few other activities and it was fun. woke up to see the fire works (actually the fire works woke us up). you have not seen fireworks until you have seen them in the netherlands. seriously, the stadium of fire doesn't even compare...when I say we are living in a war zone im mostly serious! haha the fireworks go off EVERYWHERE literally it is a panorama or fireworks and they are constantly going off until 2-3 am so that made it a little rough to sleep but whatevs. 

Well, that was about our week. like I always say, don't forget to see the small miracles in your every day life. my mission has helped me so much to see those. I LOVE MY MISSION and I love dutch people. I'm in love. I love my mission. 

and I love you. 

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