Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wonderen, ziekte, MLC, en toch meer wonderen :)

This email might sound like I am bouncing up and down and feel so good and I do spiritually, but physically I am in some pain J BUT THAT’S OK J
So, Monday:
Pday in Rotterdam, played sports, got locked out of the church, fun stuff J
We had district meeting in my OLD BABY CITY OF GOUDA. Ah, it is beautiful there!! It was really weird to be back in the church building though and see the apartment across the street. Lots of nostalgic feelings. But it was good. My new district consists of mostly younger missionaries, which is really fun J We’ve got some bomb sisters in my district and I am excited to work with them and get to know them better. That day we contacted in Dordrecht, and had a lesson with a  guy named Peter. Interesting guy, not much more to say.
Had a great day on Wednesday. We started out the day going to our appointment with Sydney, a guy we found our first day together and were going to just teach him on the door step because we had no joint teach…but he was walking out the door to go to the doctor so we had about an hour and a half before our next appointment so we decided to knock some doors close by. The first door we knock, a lady walks up with her kids to go inside that house and we talked to them but she didn’t have any interest, and right before she closed the door on our face I was like… “well maybe do you know anyone, maybe in the neighborhood who would have interest?”  and she told us a house number that was on the same street. So we knock our way down to this house, and he’s not home. After about another hour of knocking doors, we head back to our bikes to knock in another neighborhood and the spirit told me that we needed to stop and knock this person’s door again. So we do, one knock, another, and a third time and no one comes. So we start walking away while writing his info down to come back another time and I hear this “Hello?” from behind me and turn around and see a guy poking his head out the door. I walked back to him, told him what we were about, told him about the book of Mormon and he wanted to know more! Zr. Cowles at this point was at the end of the street getting her bike because she didn’t know he had come out so she saw and started walking over. Anyways, we taught him the first lesson, he accepted the baptismal question, and was excited to read and learn more about it! He is Christian and makes reading in the Bible a priority every night. Miracle that we found him! He is searching for a religion that makes sense J  We had a lesson later with Farhad, our investigator getting baptized in 3 weeks, and had a member present there. He is really pumped about his baptism.  We thereafter taught someone named Doris the Plan of Salvation and we were running out of time and planned on only teaching the first half, especially because it seemed like it was already a lot for her, but she was like “do you guys HAVE to go now? Are you busy, or can you stay and teach me more?” and now thinking about it, that reminded me of the story in the Book of Mormon about how Christ visits the Nephites in the Amerikas and is about to leave but he looks around at them, and they have this face of longing, looking like they just wanted Him to stay a little longer. Now I am in no way comparing us to Christ, but the spirit that this message brings makes people just want to hear more!! That was such a sweet experience. We taught her the rest and she loved it J
I got sick the night before and woke up with a fever, terrible sore throat and a pounding headache, and a little bit nauseous, which was a big bummer because we had a full day of appointments but we had to cancel them because I couldn’t even stand up without getting really dizzy and nauseous :\ So we stayed in and I slept a lot…ate a little, the day went…weird how that happens.  I needed to get better though because we had MLC (Mission Leader Council) the next day in Leiden which is a day the zone leaders and sister training leaders and APs and President and Sister Bunnell.
We had MLC, was really good, counciled on lots of things, and ate good food. Weird to be a leader, but I am learning a lot. We don’t do as much as the zone leaders or assistants or president however, so I am grateful for that J That night we had a lesson with an investigator named Daan, also with a member daarbij. Taught him the plan of salvation as well. Went really good!
We met with Leroy again!! (the guy we met on Wednesday) and he is already progressing! Knows the Joseph Smith story from his heart almost. Super cool, and had a great joint teach there as well who was just like another missionary I swear. She brought her little boy and that was fun. We then met with Farhad again, that was an interesting lesson but like, it was good, and had a member present as well!! These members have been great with helping us out, especially because our teaching pools consists mainly of guys, lol. Plus members are absolutely necessary in missionary work! This week we are bringing Farhad to one of our dinner appointments with us so that will be great J He is so good.
Still feeling pretty ziek, with a major cough but suffered through it. Church was good, Farhad came and sister cowls taught  a great lesson on missionary work in gospel principles. Also, an investigator who had been taught for like 2.5 years who was kind of dropped by the sisters called this week and was like… “I want to take the lessons again and quit drinking coffee and get baptized” He is totally addicted to coffee, but has been close to baptism in the years past. I remember when I was in Gouda a year ago hearing about him, Marc, and how he just couldn’t give up coffee. So the sisters told him to contact us when he was ready to give up coffee and become baptized, so like, that’s cool because he called us up randomly! Miracles!
Today I am still feeling pretty bad, my throat is on fire and I am coughing up my lungs BUT DON’T WORRY MOM I AM OK. Tomorrow I am have a doctor appointment to see if I have strep. I hope it goes away because we have a busy week of exchanges and appointments!!! Today the elders gave me a priesthood blessing and it sounds like I will be getting better soon, which I totally have faith in J I am sick of being inside!!!! I just wanna go outside and do things and find people L so prayers will be appreciated J but other than that I am happy as ever!!!!!! LOVING this city, Dordrecht J I seem to fall in love with cities pretty fast more often than not…that’s a good thing, right? J
IK HOU VAN JULLIE ALLEMAAL!!!!!!!!!! Dank je wel voor de vele gebeden.  You are always in my prayers.
Sister Harris J

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