Monday, November 30, 2015

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

This week has been a nice, glass shattering week :) 

Started off with thanksgiving dinner at the Romigs with the other missionaries and Jonathan. 

The next day we had district meeting and taught some lessons afterward to some people that were really positive. One being Chico, and the other Anvenda. 

Then went on exchanges back to Apeldoorn, that was fun. I went there with Sister Bush and we had a great time together. Taught some cool lessons to one of my would-have-been-investigators haha just kidding but really, I only served in Apeldoorn for 2 weeks...but it was cool. 

We taught Nasu, our investigator who is set on being baptized on the 19th of December, about the word of wisdom this week and she took it really well and comitted to living it. She was like, "how will I know if the tea I buy is tea I can drink?" So we showed her how, and we brought some samples to church that Sunday's when she came. It was SO COOL when she came because all the members already knew about Her without even meeting her but everyone came up to her and they were so happy to meet her and one member was like when can we come visit you? When can I come with the sisters to visit you? So we set an appointment with him to come with us. She lives really far away so joint teaches are a little hard and it's also kinda tricky to get her to church but she understands the importance of it. Luckily there is a member who lives close to her who said they could give her a ride to church. She is doing really well. She has had a hard life; her childhood wasn't so easy and she moved her from Africa 5 years ago by herself and she's only 22. But she has got so much potential and is excited about her baptism.

So...funny story. Our door has had troubles lately to close and lock so one day we were headed out to a members house to practice some songs to sing at the station (the station in Groningen has a piano so why not be creative with finding people through music? :)) anyways, I couldn't get the door to close and sister Stewart-Chester was like "just slam it!"......and so I did just that. And, well, the glass on the door kinda....shattered everywhere. Haha. Well, after calling many people to have someone come by, I finally found someone that could come later that night to fix it so a guy came later that night to put a temporary glass door on. They are coming tomorrow to fix it completely. I will send y'all a picture of the shattered door.

We have also been having washing machine-problems. The copper line has been dripping water and our floor has been soaking wet so we have been using the senior couple's washing machine but the office decided to just order us a new washer but really they just needed a plumber to come by and fix the leak because the new washer still leaks...the AP's came all the way from Amsterdam to instal our new washer ON THEIR P-DAY. it was super nice of them. They even bought us Indonesian food for lunch...*shout out to elders bonner and hirsch for their heroism*  anyways, our house is sketch and ghetto but it's alright. 

Let's see...we had a lesson with Jonathan and we also taught him the word of wisdom and he actually has some problems with it but he admitted he doesn't need it. We are having a 'ceremony' for him this week where we will throw his coffee and other stuff into a body of water right by his apartment building. We are doing that on Saturday...pray for him to have strength to do it! 

Well, that's about it for our week. Ik hou van deze stad!!!!!! Niks boven Groningen, echt waar.

I hope y'all have a great week!

Remember this quote from President Uchtdorf: "How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?" I really live that, and it's funny how applicable it is to living in the Netherlands... It rains a bunch but it sure makes for some beautiful rainbows every once in a while. 

I sure love you guys,

Veel liefs,

Zuster Harris

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