Monday, November 23, 2015


Howdy howdy howdy,

This week has been GRRRREEEEEAT (to be said in our investigator, Jonathan's, Scottish accent). Last week we saw Jonathan like...5 times haha. It was great, we taught him with the senior couples a few times and with our elders once. He came to church yesterday and I think he really liked it. We had a cool conversation with him and the senior couple just about life and he was just saying how he felt like he was missing something in his life. Elder Romig was like...well I think you need to listen to some of the things the sister missionaries have to say. Jonathan really likes to be around the missionaries and the senior couple. right now we are at the Romig's (the senior missoinaries) house and they just fed us Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of our district, and Jonathan is here too. He is havin a grand old time with the missionaries. Anyways, he's really progressing and keeping his commitments. He's got so much potential!

Today we also had a Turkey Bowl in Zwolle. Well no new news, I am not the best at american football haha but it was still fun and very muddy. My companion, sister stewart-chester, was on the other team and threw the ball to a player on her team and they scored a touch down so I tackled her to the ground...haha. We both ended up pretty muddy...but it was super funny. 

Well, Nasu canceled her appointment this past week but she's still goin strong about her baptismal date for the 19th of December. She lives pretty far from Groningen so we asked a member who lives close to her if she could take her to church. she said yes and could every week she possibly could so that was super awesome. Members really are key when wanting to fellowship an investigator, and fellowshipping an investigator is absolutely necessary haha thus MEMBER MISISONARY WORK IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY :) member referrals, joint teach, super member present (teaching an investigator in a member's house with them as joint teach), inviting investigators over for dinner with the missionaries are all great ways to do missionary work. I invite you all to do at least ONE of those this month. I know you can do it. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week and a GREAT THANKSGIVING. I am thankful for all of you and miss you so much! VEEEEEL LIEFS

Zuster Harris 


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