Monday, December 7, 2015

Year mark...

hoihoi, goede morgen, hoi hoi, hoiiiiiii.

Talk about dutch people. 

Well, another week has come and passed and my eyes are before this computer screen AGAIN. This has been a great week of busy-ness.  

Last week we had a pretty chill P-day. Hung out at the Romigs and has FHE later that night. Then the next day the guy came and fixed our door for good...and we had a good, long day of knockin doors and then visited Familie Richardsons. They are ADORABLE. The parents are young, both from St. Martin island, in their young 30's and they have 3 kids, one is 7, one is 4 and they are both girls and then they have a 5 week old baby boy. They a member family but lately it's been hard for them to get to church with the newborn so another family has been picking up the 2 girls and taking them to church. I love them. It's like I have a kylie and ella in my life again! Don't worry, they aren't replacing them ;) I just miss having them around, laughing and playing with me, taking funny pictures, I love them.

Let's see...Wednesday we met a lot of cool people while biking places. We met like 3 people who want us to bring a Book of Mormon by, one guy wants to come to institute, and we looked up an investigator we haven't been able to get ahold of for the longest time and she was home! Her name is Julia and she comes from Germany. When she saw us, she let us right in even though she doesn't even know us two sisters. We had a lovely conversation getting to know her and her background and she said she really wants to keep learning more about the gospel. She is lovely.

We had our weekly dinner appointment at the Gouts and our investigator Jonathan came as well. He had been there before and he just hit it off again with Brother and Sister Gout. He can befriend anyone, he is a super nice guy. Sadly he wasn't ready to quit smoking or coffee this past Saturday but he is still wanting to quit. He doesn't work well under pressure so we are supporting him and giving advice and we are also going to help him with the program the church has for giving up addictions. He will get there. he is going on a 2-3 week vacation to Scotland in a few weeks so we won't see him for a while but he says he doesn't use that stuff when he is with his family. We will send him with some scriptures to read and talks from conference to help him. Please pray for him, that he will receive the strength to quit and to make the step to baptism. He is such a great person. we have really seen a change in him. 

We celebrated Sinter Klaas this past week at the institute with some of the JOVOs (ysa members) and Jonathan and the Romigs. it was fun. we did a white elephant exchange thing. Look up why they celebrate 2 Sinter Klaas days and 2 Christmas's because I don't have time to explain why. haha. 

We had a few other appointments with investigators that went pretty well. Our investigator, Micky, came to church yesterday. He really hit it off with a member named Harm (who is such a great member-missionary and all-around human being haha) and they have a great friendship now. He is excited to come to church again. 

I went on exchanges last week back to Apeldoorn again with Sister Jensen (who i was with during my weird 2 weeks of serving there) and it was so great. I really love Sister Jensen, she is such a good friend of mine and it has been so lovely serving around her so much. I really look up to her. 

This week I will hit my year mark. where on earth does time go? I think time speeds up when you're on a mission. Is it fast for you guys too??? ahh. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for the email and the support, and thank you for the prayers. I have said this before but I really can feel the power of your prayers for us here. thank you!!!

Here is a great quote from Victor Hugo, remember it during hard times:
"When you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, sleep in peace; God is awake." 

I love you guys. I pray for you. Thank you again for all you do for me! I will send pics later.
Have a great week

Zuster Harris

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