Monday, August 31, 2015

Halfway Point

Dear everyone

this week was great (don´t I say that every week?) we did the usual contacting, knocking doors and teaching lessons. We also had a member of the 70 come speak to us at a zone conference with 3 zones! His name is Elder Dyches and it was such a good conference! He expounded on how important members are in the work and how we need to use them and help strengthen and support them. He taught about a lot of stuff and it was cool. I learned a lot and there are some things I want to change about myself and the way I do missionary work so that means it was a good conference! haha. change is always good :) 

This week we had a total of 10 other sisters sleep over at our house throughout the week so that was fun, haha. Let´s just say we stocked up on our food last week and we are all out now haha so luckily it´s pday :) 

Last week we had a cool experience looking up this guy that has been a potential for a while now. He let us right in and we taught him the restoration on the spot and it was a cool lesson. he said he would definitely be baptized if he knew it was true. I think my favorite part about missionary work is 
1. being able to see the atonement take place in people´s lives and
2. testifying of what I know to be true. 

being able to testify without any doubt that something is true is such a cool feeling and I love it. That is when the spirit speaks to people. So don´t be afraid to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel! it doesn´t have to be just in sacrament or just in sunday school. you can share your testimony in the most simplest of ways. just by saying that a prayer was answered in some way is sharing your tesimony. SHARE it if you have it. 

well, this is short but I have to go. Just know that I love you people and pray for you! Thank you for your examples of love and kindness. Have a lovely week. 

Zuster Brig


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