Monday, September 7, 2015

all i did was trim my hair

Yo iedereen

well, this might be short, sorry :(

Hope you all have a great week! we sure did. last week we went to a museum about WW2 and that was super cool. and don't worry mom, I only ended up trimming a few inches on my hair ;) (i was very close to chopping it and donating it but didn't do that...) hahaha anyways, we had a cool lesson with our investigators walter and leila. they are so sweet and so interested in what we have to say and are very respectful. it's just hard to get them to church. they are so busy and working but we will keep trying. 

we also met with a suuuper sweet less active lady from Suriname. Love her! She loves her Heavenly Father so much and said some things I needed to hear. The Lord can answer our prayers through other people, I testify of that. 

Let's see...Ate bamboo last week at a member's house. she is from Thailand. she told us her conversion story (I LVOE to hear those) and it was so cool to hear how the Lord planned everything out in her life for her to find the missionaries. She is such a sweet heart! I sat by her in sacrament yesterday and she held my hand the whole time and cried tears of joy during testimony meeting. The member here are so solid. They are just amazing people. Imma cry just talking about them. They care for the 8 missionaries here and they love the Lord and do His work. I love this ward. also, yes bamboo is good. 

The elders investigator, Yvette, got baptized on Saturday. That was super cool. Baptism services are just so special. Was sure a motivation to me. 

This week was just good. Looking forward to another week of hard work and miracles. Pray for Zuster Doxey and I that we will find the people prepared to hear the gospel! love you all. Enjoy the pics. 

Veel liefs, 

Zuster Harris

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