Monday, August 10, 2015

geluk en vreugde :)

Hey everyone :)

this was a wonderful week. Vol van mooie weer and...the flu :)

Let's see...where to begin. Last week seems to have been the record for most times hit on by creepy guys. We contacted this father looking figure, innocently walking a child in a stroller. He hit on us and walked away. We just wanted to make you and your family a forever family...Geez.

Last week I met a Brazilian popstar while on exchanges in Leeuwarden! cool.

Jeffrey is smoking less and less. He couldn't come to church yesterday but he is making proress. Hopefully we'll meet with him as soon as I get over this stupid sickness...

Last week we worked with the district leaders. We were on a bus on the way to our dinner appointment and we saw Marcel again!!! Marcel is a guy who is Always on that bus ride. He REALLY enjoys talking with us. He lives in Emmen, and coincidently enough, we had the Emmen elders with us! He is so cool. He was talking to the lady he was sitting nex to wh ohe doesn't even know all about us and how nice it is to talk about Jesus with us. we are wanting to get his info next week to give to the elders so they can look him up and start teaching him because he seems pretty solid! Also while we were on that same bus ride, I noticed a lady sitting behind us holidng what looked like a really fresh, new baby. I told her how cute he was and asked how old he was. She said "net geboren, vandaag. 4 uren geleden om 12 uur" which means "just born today, 4 hours ago at 12 pm." It was 4:30 and the mother was on a bus with her brand new child!!! The mother of the child's mother was there and she was the one holding the baby. She are from somewhere in Africa. super crazy, Marcel and everyone started talking to them and it was just a really cool, fun busride...sometimes the miracles you see are unplanned!!!

Last week we went to this couples house that Zr. Jo and Zr. Manning found while on exchanges. They are from Brazil and are athiest because they are scientists but were sooo sweet. They let us in again and we gave them a Book of  Mormon in Portuguese and talked for a long long time. Dutch people don't do that. It was a nice break of the dutch culture to be let in without having to make an appointment and they actually let you talk! goodness, I love those people. Sadly theya re going out of town this week for a long time and in October they are moving back to Brazil. But it's ok because I got her info and will add her as a friend on Facebook when I get home in almost 9.5 months. #longlivefacebook

Well, you heard it, folks. I got myself da INFLUENZA

I am sad. I want to do missionary stuffs but we are stuck inside all day everyday and the toilet has become my bestfriend but I want to end that relationship now (TMI? Sorry not sorry..haha)

But all is well. we went to church yesterday despite that I didn't not feel well at all because Zr. Jo had to give a talk and we had 2 investigators coming. They came! it was cool. I just wish I didn't feel so icky so I could have been myself but I did not look good or feel good. Whatevs. I got a priesthood blessing and in the blessing it mentioned that Heavenly Father wanted me to take a break for a few days. Which is funny because we have been so pumped lately to do missionary work and get things done, especially if I am leaving this area next week. But Heavenly Father knows what's up. Being sick as a missionary is so hard though....the last thing you want to do is BE IN YOUR APARTMENT ALL DAY but it's ok. I am learning more patience which is Always good :)

welp, that is all folks.

I love you and hope you have a great week!  And remember Moses 6:31-32 when feeling inadequate or not good enough. You ARE good enough. The Lord doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. He loves you and knows you perfectly.

Sister Brig:)


last week for p-day we sat along a canal and watched clouds. It was a beautiful day

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