Monday, August 17, 2015

Amsterdam here I come!!!!!!!

Well, you read it folks. I am being transfered to AMSTERDAM. Excited, yes. nervous for such a big city (I've only served in small cities)....check. Maar in ieder geval......Ik ben heel super STOKED!!!!!!!!!!

Last week my comp and I became really sick with the flu which was not fun but now we are both better and Thursday we weren't feeling great but we decided to go out and work anyway. Well, we went to a potential investigators house and she was home and we talked with her on the doorstep. We ended up having a cool, spiritual conversationg with her. we talked about God and how having a relationship with Him first is most important. But she didn't know how to do that....So we taught her how to pray right then. Sister Jo said a powerful prayer on the doorstep and after the lady siad I think I need to read more of the Book (book of Mormon) and we were like...probably haha. so we asked if we could come back another time to give the background info on the Book of Mormon and she said yes so tonight we are going there to RAD her!!! she is so cool. a young mother.

Well some other news, Assen is now getting Elders and my Companion is going to Belgium. So....yeah. we were really shocked when we found that out but after thinking about it we figured that elders would be able to do things that we as women can't do. There are some men and boys in the ward we just can't get to and the elders will hopefully be able to change that. Not gonna lie, it's defintely a bittersweet feeling. But, the President Bunnell is definitely inspired from the Lord so we are trusting that all will be great!

Not much left to say...we had a few other lessons with poeple that went well and visited a lot of members. I am going to miss this branch for sure but I plan on seeing them again someday. I love them so much!!!!!! I have gotten so close to them. Sure going to miss them. But the work goes on. I love being a missionary.  pictures to come after

Love, Sister Harris
Familie Loorbachs and me and Sis. Johanson

at Marjon's at a lunch after church. yay
Br. Philips and I...

Me and the de Jonges kids...Wieteke and Friso :)

wartan kiddos


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