Monday, May 9, 2016

Life is fine and dandy

Hello lovelies,
It was so great seeing you all on that tiny screen and hearing your voices! However, I can't wait to see you in real life soon and hear your voices forealzies. I love you guys :) Mom, I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day, because you deserve it and I am so grateful for you! Thank you for raising me to be the person I am today. 
Let's see, last Sunday there was a lady who walked into church and told us she wanted to learn the lessons and come to church every week, and while we were drooling from our mouth, we were able to set up an appointment with her but my companion didn't get her address from her, only her phone number so we called her to get her address and the number didn't work!!! We were stressed out when one morning the Gent elders called to give us referrals and she was one of them, she had ordered a Book of Mormon online and her address was in the information, so we were able to go to her and teach her the first lesson, which was a very spiritual lessonl. She has a very kind heart and turns out her boyfriend is a member in Antwerpen and she got interested in the church because of him, but she made it clear to us that she wasn't doing it for him, she wanted to know for herself, which just makes her that much more solid!! (flirt to convert, am i right?? ;) ) anyways, the lesson was really positive and she came to church yesterday and offered to feed us this week and drive us home and wants to meet twice a week and we are just so excited for her. She does a lot of service for people and she is just so genuine. 
What else...oh yeah, I got sunburnt and boy, it feels real good hahah we are just LOVING this sun!!! I showed you guys my crazy tan/burn line on my feet yesterday, right?!? it's awesome. The mornings are beautiful here and I am just loving this place and these people. After talking you all yesterday I have nothing but graditude in my heart. I'm grateful for this opportunity to be here and to have met the amazing people I have met on my mission, to be the person I have become, and to have you all as my family. God is good. 
Sister Burnham and I are working our bums off and enjoying working together and laughing together and talking together and doing everything together.I will be sad to leave her in a few short weeks. I have really grown close to her. I am so grateful I got to be companions with her!!
So I guess you could say that gratitude is the theme of this email today. Don't really have much more to say than that! I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can see the miracles every day, whether big or small, because they are there and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles. 
Zuster Harris 
p.s. I got to see Sister Fredrickson, my trainer, this past week with her parents! it was so good to see her. also, pictures of cows because why not? and a selfie of us being so happy after our appointment with Anja, and pictures of the Antwerpen station. 


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