Monday, May 23, 2016

Every destination is just a new beginning - josh groban ;)

Let's see...I don't have much time, but thought I'd give y'all some updates on the life here in this blessed city of Lokeren.

Anja shall become baptized this Friday night, and confirmed this coming sunday. Stoked for her. We've been teaching her like crazy this past week, getting all the harder lessons in and some in the same lesson, but she has committed to living them and is excited for this big step in her life. Grateful to know her, she is such a blessing. I love her. she is converted and has had some awesome experiences to back her conversion story up.

Went on my last exchange ever, and to make it even more special I got to go with my MTC comp, sister Romney :) we got to reminisce on our missions together and plan things for the future when we're home and be sad together that our journeys as missionaries are coming to an end. But just like in that Josh Groban Christmas song, every destination is just a new beginning ;) I love Sister Romney and I'm thrilled we get to see each other at home and throughout the eternities :) what would eternity be without your best friends? :) hopefully it works that way...

umm, so like yeah, I love being a missionary and Im going to love it as much as I can this last week. Thank you for all your support, prayers, and love. I love you all! Pray for Anja as she makes this step in her life :)

Zusje Harris:)

Sister Romney and Elder Byers :) pictures of train window, wild flowers we picked for Anja, sushi that Anja made for us


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