Monday, February 15, 2016

I hate choosing subject lines so I apologize.....

This week just flashed before mine eyes. Lemme hurry and pull out the ‘ole trusty planner to remember what we did because let’s face it, weeks are blurred and the longer you are out, the quicker you forget things lolololol
Mmmmmk well I will just go throught the days like I did last week!
Stayed in the whole day again because I was still feeling rather sickly. That was no Bueno; I have really grown to dislike sicknesses on a mission because 1. There are only so many scriptures or talks to read before you go insane of reading all day and 2. Claustrophobia might be a thing for me hahaha just kidding. Mostly though we just wanted to be outside and get to WORK. Patience was tried folks, patience was tried. It was however good and I am feeling somewhat better. I still felt pretty terrible the most of last week and I’ve gotten some sprained ribs from coughing so much but it’s getting better. Anywho! On the Up Side, I don’t have strep  J I found that out on Tuesday morning when I got seen by a doctor. All is well.
Doctor visit, district meeting, and taught Farhad!!! Man, Farhad is really growing in the gospel and he is so ready to be baptized in 2 weeks. We organized that he came to a dinner appointment with us to some members this week, and we got to teach him in their home (I was not there however because I was on exchanges in a different city) But yeah, Farhad is so cool.
I went on exchanges to my BABY CITY IN GOUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA eeeeep it was SO weird and nostalgic, biking the same streets, smelling the same smells, seeing the same buildings and houses, it was cool. I got to work with Sister Faasavalu who is SO good. I am so happy I have finally gotten to know her and work with her. They are teaching some cool people in gouda, and some people who I taught when I was there are getting baptized!!!! YIPEEE the church is true. I also got to see some members of that ward which was fantastic J
I went on exchanges to TILBURG (yes, back-to-back exchanges, yes, I was still sick and coughing my lungs up lol) and that was also a great exchange. I got to work with Sister BEGAZO who is the coolest of the cool. Such a diligent missionary, and loves to travel J she has been all over the world almost, before her mission! She has cool stories.
Finally back in Dordrecht! J but still felt pretty sick and very tired. Did some weekly planning, and did some missionary work, and that was about it.
Went to District Leadership Council in Rotterdam and that was lovely and stuff, ate at a delicious Surinaamse restaurant thereafter, came home and I still felt terribly sick and we were debating about staying in or not, and if we did we would have had to cancel 2 lessons that evening. I was laying on the floor and I literally felt like someone picked me up and put me on my feet and pushed us out the door, and didn’t feel nearly as sick as I had before. We went and taught 2 two BOMB lessons that night, one with Doris and one with Daan, both in which we taught the 3rd lesson (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) and we got Daan on baptismal date! Had we stayed in that night we wouldn’t have helped him make that decision that evening, and who knows when we would have been open to it. I am so grateful that the Lord carries us when we are weak and feel like we cannot keep going. I know from this experience that He WILL carry us. We may not know how, but He will. Daan came to church yesterday and even though he only stayed for sacrament, it was his first time and it was improvement! J We are excited for him and his progression in the gospel.
Farhad and Daan came to church! Had great lessons on the temple. We thereafter had a lunch with the ward, as it was Unit Conference so the means a lot of people in the little church of Dordrecht J it was gezellig however. We taught a recent convert, Ben, in his house with 2 other men members. All three of those people are funny guys so it was an..interesting lesson on the Holy Scriptures J hahahaha….Then we had delicious Aruban food at a members house, and looked up some people we found the first night of being companions (Tiny and Ed) and they were home and let us right in!!!! we were able to share a quick scripture with them about Christ and God so loving the world that He sent His only Begotten Son (John 3:16) testified, prayed and quickly left to catch our bus home. The spirit was strong. I love sharing powerful scriptures like that, testifying powerfully, and praying then leaving, therefore leaving it up to them to recognize the difference of the spirit being there and it being not there (if that makes sense at all) and them being left with the powerful feeling of the Spirit of the Lord. I love what I do. This is my life and it will forever be my life.
Well that about sums it up for this week folks, we taught some other lessons but I wasn’t there for them because I was in other cities but it was a great week of missionary work, even though I haven’t been feeling helemaal lekker. I have seen the hand of the Lord in this work we are doing. Het Zendingswerk gaat door. The work goes on, and the Lord is in the details of it. I invite each of you reading this email to ponder on this past week of your life, and think about the specific times you have seen the hand of the Lord. It can be in small things, or it can be in the big things. I know that if you search, you will see how He helped you. Write those experiences down so you don’t forget them; they are scripture.
I love you all and I want you to know how much I love being a missionary and doing this fun and exciting and miraculous work. I know we are building the Kingdom of God on the Earth. I know Christ will come a second time. I know that He can make all things right if we let Him. I love my Savior.

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