Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 54

Hoi hoiiiiii

Hey loves, 
Not much time to write and not much to write maar....this week has been great (do I ever not say that...?) haha. Sadly a lot of our appointments fell through so we only had like...4. But anyways, they were super great because all 4 of them had a member present and those are always awesome. We are teaching a new investigator named Piet and he is...groovy. Lol. He's like 60 or so but he really loves making music. He also smokes a pipe but he's awesome. He's really soaked in all that we've taught him so far. He hasn't made it to church yet, but he calls every Sunday night to see how it went...super sweet guy. We tell him...why dontcha find out for yourself, jonge?? Haha he's cool. We also haven't heard from Nasu at all this week...she's getting baptized on the 9th of January. But we think it's because she had to out of town to take care of some legal stuff which is completely necessary and needed also to be we hope that is what she is up to. We went all the way to her house for our appointment with her (she lives right next to the German border) and she wasn't there :( but it's ok because we got to visit a member who lives out there who just got her knee replaced. It was such a gezellige time by her house, singing hymns and feeding her 2 pigs. What a cutie, that Zuster Onnink. Let's see, what else....we went to a market on Saturday night and sang Christmas songs and handed out cards with the new Christmas video link on it (if y'all haven't seen that, watch it and share it. Super good). That was super cool, that market. It was lit up all Christmasy and what not with big sail boats with lights on them and Dutch people were actually happy for once! Haha jk they can be happy, but they were super glad and smiley op die avond. It was great.

Well, that about sums up our week, folks...

As far as skype goes: I will be skyping home around 10:30 Utah time so if you could all make plans to be there that'd be awesome (wes and family, Luke, char, Gret, Jen, mom, dad) I'm not quite sure how we're going to skype all at once, imma try to see if we can skype in a conference call. Dad, what is your skype name again? 

I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely faces in a few days! I hope you have a great week :) have a lovely Christmas! I know the Savior was born 2,015 years ago and He is our Brother, Redeemer, Advocate,  Savior, and Friend. I love Him and delight in His goodness and love. I hope you delight in it as well. I know He died for us, that we all may live again. 

Love you all!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Zuster Harris :)


  1. Haha! Ya I like that photo. We have the sweater picture on dads fridge...reminds me of the American gothic painting with the pitchfork