Monday, September 14, 2015

Forget not to be happy now

Dearly beloved, 

This week was a great week of exchanges, service, contacting while biking, teaching, contacting, and more contacting :) we had some cool conversations with people on streets and at doors. We gave away Books of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness. Although the contact that hit me a lot was this guy named Peter who we met on the way to a dinner appointment. He said straight up that he was comfortable in his sins however he knew that Christ had died for his sins and that Christ was the only way to happiness, and yet he still tried to find happiness in these temporal things. My heart hurt for him. We testified of the happiness that the Book of Mormon brings and God's plan of happiness so boldly and I felt prompted to tell him that now was the time to stop living with this guilt and move on to greater happiness (he said in detail the things he's addicted to) and that more happiness lays in store for him if he'd just change. He said he didn't feel any guilt and that he was indeed happy. But deep down inside I could see that he was hurting. we just wasn't willing to make the change. he said it was too boring of a life to live the way we do, but that he knew that he would be punished for committing these sins with the knowledge that Christ made a way for him to change and he didn't accept it.  I wanted him to see that there was more to life than these things. I haven't felt so much sorrow for someone on my mission until I met Peter. It really changed my perspective of contacting. We talk to probably 250 people a week and most of them simply are not interested. but what they don't know is that what we offer, the gospel of Jesus Christ, can give them more happiness than anything else on earth could ever do. These people break my heart. But we keep going. we talk with people with love, sympathy, and a burning fire of a testimony. Then we invite them to try for themselves, gaining a testimony. That is all we can do. We can't force these people, however much we want to because we know it is for their good (dang free agency, haha) but sometimes we find people who are interested and that makes it all worth it. 

Last night our investigator Karlijn, who I hadn't even met, was on my mind. We couldn't get ahold of her for the longest time and tried going to her apartment but she wasn't home. Finally yesterday I told my comp we needed to go over again. so we went and she was home! she is such a lieve schat. She is dating a member and they are both in their young 20s. Karlijn loves going to church and reading in the Book of Mormon, but she wants to know for herself that baptism is the right thing. She'll come around :) and now we finally have contact with her! yay :)

That was pretty much our week...we had a few other lessons and they were great but we are really working on finding people that will keep their commitments and progress.  Pray for us that we will be able to find people searching for truth and that will make the covenant of baptism! These people need this happiness in their lives. 

I love you all. and the subject line comes from a talk called "Forget Me Not" by Elder Uchtdorf. Read it and let it change your life. That is all. Amen

Veel Lieves,

Zuster Harris :) <3

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