Monday, July 27, 2015

Yo yo yo

Hey family,

Man this week was great. It went by so incredibly fast! 

We had our first investigator (Jeffrey, with the baptismal date) in sacrament meeting for a LONG TIME. It was great!!! we also met with him 3 times this week. He is going solid and we are excited for him. Going really well with him.

We met with a part member family who we LOVE. The parents are from Iraq and the dad is a member. The mother made a delicious huge breakfast for us then we taught them the restoration and it went so very smooth. The spirit was strong and we could tell they felt it. We also sang some childrens hymns which invited the spirit even more strongly. I love this family and we are praying the rest of them will make the decision to be baptized. 

We had a good week of teaching. I think we have taught more this week than any other week here in Assen. We are teaching some cool people. Some cool Jesus-loving people.  

I am realizing that I am probably coming upon my last few weeks here in Assen (there are only 3.5 weeks left of this transfer) and I have been here for 3 transfers, and will have 2 with the same comp so any more is not usually normal. But I am really starting to just love this city. My first transfer here we worked really hard, finding and teaching and our second transfer we kept finding and teaching and working our butts off and this transfer we are still finding and teaching, but we are able to see the miracles and blessings come from our hard work. I always tol dmyself I would leave this city better than I found it. The people here deserve it, the branch deserves it, and it's just such an amazing place. I will be sad when I leave, I have learned SO MUCH here. It's been kind of a refiners fire but I have learned to just forget myself and love the work. I love the Lord. I love my companion. I love the people here. I love being soaking wet going from house to house knocking doors. I love biking in stormy/scorching/windy/humid weather. I love the challenges. I am excited for what I have left to learn in my mission. Luckily I still have 10 months left to learn everything I need to learn :) The Lord loves us so much. He knows what we need. I believe that. I believe if we pray and work our hardest, good results will come. I believe in miracles. 

I love this work.

Liefs, Zuster Harris 

here are some pics for pioneer day...tried to keep y'all in my thoughts. hope you had a great 24th of July!!



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