Monday, July 20, 2015


Dearest Schats, 

Another week has come and gone. I swear every Monday always sneaks up so quickly. It has been a pretty good, normal week here, with simple little miracles that we are happy about :)

First off, Jeffrey. We had 2 lessons with him last week. Both went really well! And guess what! After 13 weeks of being here in Assen and not having one investigator show up to church once, Jeffrey came yesterday. But bless his wet little heart, he showed up right when church had ended. He had came all the way from Antwerpen (in Belgium, about a 3 hour train ride) because he was working there the night before. And he got up early and tried to make it to church but barely missed it. He walked in the pouring rain all the way to the church which is about a 30 minute walk from the station and he was just soaked :( so we decided we'd give him a tour of our "church building" (a small office buiding) and he was able to meet a few of the members who were still around and we showed him a video on We then walked him home and all was well. But we were so happy he came!!!!!!!! It's been quite a struggle not having one investigator in church the whole time I've been here (4 months) so that was good. Next week he's coming for sure. We are excited about Jeffrey. He is still smoking less and less. He is pumped about getting baptized, even though we are going to have to move it back a few weeks now because he hasn't actually been in sacrament meeting...but he is getting there :) we are excited about him.

Also. Sanaya and family. man, we are excited and so grateful for the opportunity we will have to start teaching them. They finally agreed to hearing the lessons. They are such amazing people and we love going to their home every week to help out. they care so much about the missionaries! Such loving poeple. the Lord really opened the windows of heaven on that family. Miracles are going to happen with them. 

Well, to be honest, we've literally tried everything to find more progressing investigators, but it's just door slam after door slam. we ask referals from everyone but get none. so we kinda started this new thing...we were inspired (we think) to sing hymns in the city along with me strumming the guitar. so we borrowed a guitar from a member and have been practicing during lunch, dinner, night time, p-days...we are hoping it will help people become interested. we will go onto the streets and play hymns and have copies of the Book of Mormon on hand and hand them out with cards and talk with whoever. We'll see if it works. If not, we won't waste our time on it. But experiencing the singing elders concert really opened our eyes to the miracels that can happen through music. So we'll see :)

 It's so easy to get down on ourselves when we see absolutely no results from our work, not gonna lie. prayer helps. I pray a lot. This week I was able to experience for myself having hope only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That is where our hope comes from. We know we will be saved and that we always have a 2nd chance! alma 7:11-14 and Ether 12:4 says a lot about that. read it and pray to have your hope anchored in Christ!

Also, last thing, this past week we had zone conference in Rotterdam. Where we learned we will now be recquired to wear helmets while biking. Let's just say we hope our obedience brings forth blessings because it's gonna be hard to get used to this new rule, haha. We will take lots of lovely action shots of us in our new helmets this week and send them next week ;) pray for us. 
my reaction when we found out the new helmet rule #yay


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