Monday, July 6, 2015

week #30 MURICA

Hallo liefe familie <3

Well, yet another week has come and gone! And man was it a HOT WEEK. The weather has been so crazy lately. If it's not 100 degrees + strong humidity, then it is pouring rain. I thought I went to the netherlands, not a tropical rain forest. Ha. 

But other than being freakishly sweaty and sticky all the time, it was a week of cool, small miracles. To start off, last Monday we committed one of our investigators, Jeffrey to baptism for August 13. He's still got a ways to go because he smokes and we're not sure if he's completely with it but he is making progress :) and he has yet to come to church...but he'll get there :) 

This week we had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Singing Elders. They are elders who have a special calling of traveling all around the netherlands and belgium, working with the other missionaries by going to their appointments with them and sharing missionary work through music. So they worked with us Thurs, Fri and Sat and came to all our appointments with us and what they do is sing an arrangement of "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" and share a spiritual thought with it and invite the investigators to a concert that is happening this weekend in Groningen. It's a sort of musical thing where they tell a life story of a child and it's really super cool. I have seen it twice, and everytime I tear up. It's so cool, the effect music can have on people. The concert is always a spiritual experience for everyone who attends (they hold concerts overal in nederland). They also use members a lot by visiting them and inviting them to bring friends who aren't members to this wonderful event, therefor giving us referrals (this concert leaves a big impact on people that they want to know and learn more) in ieder gevaal, I'm super excited for the concert! We took the singing elders to a a part member family whos children love to sing and they were excited about the concert. we are ready to see some changes in Assen. Speaking of which, we received transfer calls last night and I am staying in Assen another transfer with Sister Johanson! I'm super pumped. Last transfer was just kind of a weird transfer with lots of random things happening to us and this transfer we are going to see all our hard work pay off. We are stoked to work even harder this transfer! I love sister Jo and am so thrilled I get to work with her another 6 weeks in this Blessed city of Assen:)

So, just so you don't feel bad for me, we were able to celebrate the 4th of July :) we had a bbq the day before it with a member family and the singing elders and it was so fun! then the next day we had another bbq with a non member family who we serve/teach. it was so cool. the singing elders were also there and sang their song and invited them to the concert and they want to come. Hopefully they will!

Last night we had a dinner appointment with one of our investigators, and his girlfriend. It was super fun. They are super cool people. He is from somewhere in Africa and he is a very enthousiastic person. He is making slow progress. We are reading through the Book of Mormon with him,and he just gets it. We are taking it slow with him. Baby steps!

Well, I hope y'all had a wonderful 4th of July full of hamburgers and fireworks and swimming and happiness. I love you all and I love being a missionary!!!!!
 a picture of us after a crazy carnival ride on a P-day

me and my orange peel

elder hunter and bernadette

me and zr. Jo waiting for a bus

and me achter-oping with Aswin...haha it's a dutch thing


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