Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's's gonna be May.

Sorry for all of you who don't know that Backstreet Boys reference (or is it Nsync?)

Anyways, this month is already rolling into May which is crazy. I honestly feel like I just got into the land. Also, If you're wondering why I'm emailng you today it's because this Monday is a national holiday called "Kings Day", pretty much every one wears orange and is drunk and I honestly don't know why it's even a holiday or what actually happens on kings day , all I know is it's on a p-day so we had to switch our p-day to today because they want us out proselyting all day on kings that's exciting. I also am going to Germany on Kings Day for a dinner appointment so that's something else exciting. Yay for small countries!

Anyways, not much has happened since last Monday...So this email might be pretty short...sorry. I am learning my way around Assen and it's growing on me. I love the people and the atmosphere of the city. Our apartment is right by the centrum so we look out our window and see everything going on. It's been raining today but other than that it's been pretty nice weather. We bike literally everywhere...I absolutely love it. My thighs are hating me though haha.  

There are still some invesigators I haven't met yet because we haven't been able to get in contact with them since I got here a week and a half ago, but I hear they are great. I am excited to meet them. We work with a lot of less actives and do lots of service. But it's great. We are praying for new investigators too. We are working hard and having fun. We come in each night exhausted and plan and get ready for bed then pray then we are out...then we wake up and do it all over again and I have to say there's nothing else I would rather be doing with my time. A hard thing about missionary work is that the days are almost exactly the same and you have to be diligent and have the same energy and excitement about each new day. It's great. It makes you appreciate the small little miracles so much more. I love missionary work and I love being a missionary! Ik hou van je allemaal en tot het volgende week!

Zuster Harris

1. after a LONG day of door knockin...this is what I look like. yay
2. lol 'Vaart' in dutch is pronounced like 'fart' in english...thus, fartz. lol. you can see I have become quite the mature missionary in the past 4.5 months.
3. me and Zr. Jensen after a terribly awkward incidence (everything is Always awkward as a missionary. everything. Always. yes.)
4. mah nametag yayyy
5. Us and Bernadette! she is a member who just got baptized like 2 ish years ago and she kind of has the mind of a child...but she is sweet and quirky and I love her. we walk with her every week to get groceries, paint her nails, and help with other stuff.
6. yay me

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