Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth be with you

hayoooooooo yeah its the 4th of may so.....there's that.
wow it's been 9 days since we had a p-day last....and my brain feels pretty fried haha I can't remember anything that happend......lemme see here.
Well, we had Konings Dag in Emmen with our district. that was fun! we handed out books of mormon and pamphlets.....and more books of mormon and pamphlets. then! we went to dinner in Germany. That was SO fun. the family is in our District leaders ward (they live just over the border) and they are super cute and fun. we played soccer. 6 misisonaries at a dinner appointment. Can you even imagine? the kids loved it. haha one of the kids who is your typical, spit-fire red-headed freckled-face boy said in his prayer for the food "thank you that the elders and elderen could be here" haha he didn't say "zusters"...if you add an "en" on the end of something it makes it feminen (ex. "koning" = king and Koningen" = Queen) it was super funny and super cute
oh! I had my first bike accident. things are getting real. haha. I don't know my way around assen just yet and my comp thought I was turning down a street where we sere supposed to turn and I wasn't turning but she started turning and my tire kind of got stuck under her bike ish or something weird happened and next thing I knew I was flying over my handle bars. haha it was so awesome. But luckily we always pray for safety so I didn't get hurt and my bike is going to be ok :)
Our investigators are making slow progress. We still do a ton of service here and work a lot with less-actives and recent converts.  we are working hard and loving the work.

Hey I am so excited to skype home. It will be around 8 in the morning your time I think.....So just be ready I guess? sorry I don't know exactly what time it will be...but it will all work out :)
below are some pics of our we had for kings day. my comp Sister Jensen is in the middle. also eating the typical cake here in nederland for koningsdag. also some other cool pics. enjoy. I can't wait to see your faces in less than a week. please make sure everyone in the fam is there!!!! :)
I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I know I still have a work here in Assen. We are praying every day for miracels and working hard to bring about those miracels. I love you all!

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