Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time Flies!

Hoi familie
so this week actually flew by. 
we leave in 1.5 weeks for the NDLS and I'm so stoked. sooo flippin stoked
umm so I wish I could remember all the funny stuff that happens around here  because there's always funny stuff happening...but I can't remember any right now and plus I don't have time to write about it....maybe I will
we have a total of 7-8 teachers so we never have the same teacher every's a bit weird but it's ok. they are all going to school at byu so they're schedules are crazy. but I really like all of our teachers so it's cool.
nothing really new around here. same old same old....just trying to down the language as much as I can. we are able to teach full lessons without any notes really and it's so great. i love the dutch language. I feel so blessed. the gift of tongues, again, is real. the spirit is real. Christ is real. God is real. the church is true. I know that for myself or else I promise you I would not be here for 1.5 years for something that I didn't know was true. 
love you all. is there anything else you want to know? I never know what to type. did you guys watch the video I told you to do? gotta follow up on my invitation ;) it's what missionaries do!!!! hahah I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A MISSIONARY IN THE REAL WORLD IT REALLY IS LIKE A ZOO HERE BECAUSE WE LIKE SEE THE REAL WORLD OCASIONALLY AND WE'RE LIKE...."CARS!!!! PEOPLE!!!" HAHAHHA IM GOING INSANIUM IN THE CRANIUM
ok but reallly Im thrilled to leave the empty sea. it's been great here but you just get to a certain part that you are just so ready to move on. the people are waiting. 
but yeah if there is anything else you want to know let me know? I don't get many emails soo.....haha ;) except you mom and dad! and Jen! you're the real mpv's here. the rest of you can learn from them. jk I have gotten more emails than 1 or 2 hahah so TELL PEOPLE TO EMAIL ME
I actually don't even have that much time to email so it's fine. 
ok love you all and you're all in my prayers. thank you for your prayers for me! I know they have helped me! I know the lord blesses us when we are righteous! stay righteous.
zuster harris

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