Friday, December 26, 2014


Hoi mijn familie!!!!!!

WOW I cannot believe I  have been here for 2 weeks already. Honestly the days go by so fast and the weeks do too...crazy

so we got 2 new investigators on monday...we are done with beja because SHE IS NOW OUR TEACHER HAHAHAHAHAH quite a humbling experience i might say lol. but oh my goodness. her name is sister juchau (jewshaw) and I love her to pieces. it's weird, I loved her as our onderzoeker and I would have jumped off a cliff for her but now having her as our teacher makes me more willing to do that X10 haha she is just the most christlike, funny, open hearted person. our district loves her and we can't get over how cute she is. she is 23, and she just got back from our mission 8 months ago. she is so enthusiastic all the time. and she actually said to us....well first she said she didn't want to already have a biased opinion about our district, but she said the first night we taught her she called her mom right after and told her she had never met another district like ours who spoke the language so well and taught so well on our first time (maybe that's because she has only been working here for a few months, haha) but that was pretty humbling too. no doubt i wouldn't be able to teach without the holy ghost as our 3rd companion. she said yesterday that the netherlands is like the most evil place in the world as far as trend setting goes. they are the trend setters for all the styles, drugs, prostitution, all that lovely wicked stuff. AND WE ARE GOING TO THE FRONT LINES OF IT AS MISSIONARIES so that made me super pumped. her favorite part about her mission was seeing those people have a change of heart. wow. so thrilled to go!!!! I love my companion!!!

Our new investigators are roos (rose) and judith. we asked them both if they would be baptized. roos said no because she is athiest, and judith said she would if she found out it's right (she has a christian background)

anyways, tonight I am singing in a trio for this nativity scene in front of ALL THE MISSIONARIES AT THE MTC ahhhhhhh the song is 'Pie Jesu'....please pray for me. 

love you all! gotta go. 

zuster harris

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