Sunday, December 21, 2014

Teaching Beja

Today we taught Beja again. It was our fifth lesson already! Beja actually said the opening prayer which made us feel super happy :) Usually she says no because it's too personal bT SHE DID IT THIS TIME!!! Also we asked her if she would pray about being baptized and she said she would. So far we have taught her the first three lessons (The Restoration, The Plan of Salvaion, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes Faith in Jesus Christ (Geloof in Jezus Christus), Repentence (Bekering), Baptism (De doop), and The Gift of the Holy Ghost (de Heilige Geest)). Anyway, I love it. I seriously have grown a love for Beja even though she is just an actor. haha. Anyway...

Hoe is het met u? (How is it with you?) I miss you all!!! The days go by really slow and also really fast. I absolutely love our district. The elders are so strong in their faith, and also so funny.

I hope all is well! Alles goed met me! ;) Love you all!

Zuster Harris

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