Monday, May 11, 2015

I love you guys

Dearest Family,

I love you all. It was a pleasure skyping you guys and although it went by too quickly, it was still good to see and hear from you. I am so glad you all seem to be very happy. I want to tell you guys how grateful I am for you all and how lucky I am to have a family like you. I miss you guys and love you so much. 

Also, shout out to mom. I hope you had a great mothers day. I love you and am so grateful for you. Also happy mothers day to you too Heidi! you are a fantastic mother. and Grandma, I love you and happy mothers day as well. It was great to see you yesterday.

Well, although this transfer has been a hard one, I can't believe how fast it is going. There are only 2 weeks left. Transfer calls are in 2 sundays.....I am guessing I will stay but who knows what will happen. It could be that we both stay. Which if that is the case then I would be happy. I love Sister Jensen. She is so sweet and funny and a real hard worker. We both are hard workers and although it's easy to get discouraged out here where no one is progressing and we just get door after door slammed in our faces, we are keeping our spirits up with eachothers company and faith in the Lord that our work will eventually pay off. I would update you on our investigators but sadly they are incredibly difficult to keep in contact with and make appointments. a lot of times when we have lessons they get canceled last minute (which is a bummer when a member comes on joint teach with us from a far away county) or when we try to make appointment by calling people or going by their houses, they either never answer or are never home. there are also a lot of people here who aren't really all that with it...i think the government sends the crazies here to Assen which makes it really hard to have any progressing investigators for missionaries. in church yesterday we had 26 poeple in sacrament. our branch has like 90 people but maybe like 40 of them are actually active. But someone has to serve here and I am happy to do it. We are not going down with a fight! we are going to leave Assen better than we found it. It just takes a lot of prayers and faith and acting on prompings and recognizing promptings and dilligence. Even though the work out here is hard and slow, I would not want to be anywhere else in the world. the Lord has called me here and I am going to serve and love with all my heart until these people are brought closer to the Lord. That is my purpose as a missionary, to bring others unto Christ. It's not about the numbers. It's not about the recognition. It's not even about me or my own testimony (which is strengthened anyways, so bonus) but it is purely about the people here, and that's why I love it. Even if they are crazies, I love them so much. I love my mission! and I am excited for the future, for what the Lord has in store for these poeple. I know the Lord loves them. 

Last week I went on exchanges to Groningen. It was fun! We also did a ton of service last week. we did 6 service projects. which makes it hard to get 20 hours of proselyting time (we have a rule/goal in our mission that we must try to get 20 hours of proselyting time a week, whether you're teaching a lesson, contacting on a train, knocking doors, etc. 20 hours doesn't seem like that much but it can be pretty tough some weeks; especially when you have 6 service projects) anyways, we worked really super hard to be contacting every second we could. Yay for service haha

today we are biking 1 hour to groningen for p-day to play in a park with other missionaries. We literally never see other missinaries except on tuesdays for district meeting. it was really weird at first; that it was just me and my comp at every dinner appointment but now I'm used to it. but I'm excited for today because we get to see other missionaries haha. 

well, i gotta go. here are some pics. 

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