Monday, October 26, 2015


Dear wonderful family and friends, 

This week has been a great week for us here in Amsterdam. I love this trio of mine!!!!!! We love working together and it gets better and better every day. We love the work and are working hard everyday to the point of exhaustion. I love it. Last week was so good. We met a member and his girlfriend last week at church. His girlfriend, Kelsey wants to get baptized! So we are teaching her and she is so great :) He is a great member present, Stephen. She is studying out here and he was visiting for a few weeks. Both are from America. Lovely people. 

This ward here in Amsterdam has some amazing people. I am absolutely in love with these people and this city. There is always work to be done and it's so great! sometimes it's easy to feel inadequate and Satan will make you think you're not doing anything and that you're useless but then I remember that THAT'S NOT TRUE! If we just open our eyes and look around, there are miracles  from missionary work. I love being a missionary.

Last night we got one of our investigators, Michael, on baptismal date! we set it for January 10th. He said he wants to do just as Joseph Smith did and investigate and pray and we were like OK! We will be your guides :) it was too good. God loves His children. I love my Heavenly Father! 

Last week 2 people we were teaching dropped us but they just weren't ready to accept the gospel and change. and that's ok. We gave them our testimonies and our love and they will eventually accept it. I trust God has a plan for them. Now we will just find people who are ready. We have been praying to find people who are ready, and we found that with Kelsey. God just dropped her on our paths! We love her so much and we're excited to see her baptized. 

Last Saturday we went deep sea fishing with our ward mission leader, Bronno. It was fun and very cold :) also the saturday before that we went mini golfing with all the missionaries in Amsterdam and we brought a girl we found while street contacting who is from Germany! she is an intern here and we met her on the first day she was here and invited her to go mini golfing. and she went! it was super fun. sorry about not emailing last week! we switched our p-day to use the mini golfing vouchers that a member had given us that could only be used on Saturday

well I hope you have a great week, everyone! remember this: "The Lord needs us to be brave, steadfast, and immovable warriors who will defend His plan". Go out and be BRAVE. Stand for what you believe in. Stand for the truth. You never know who is taking courage from your bravery and strength. Be strong. and remember 3 Nephi 12:8 "And blessed are all the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

I love this work. I love being a missionary. This is my life. 



Zuster Harris :)


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