Monday, October 12, 2015

Believe in Miracles

Last week was great. Started out with our P-day visiting the Rijksmuseum! That was really cool. Later that night we taught the first lesson to a man we met on the street. It went really well and he responded positively to the Book of Mormong and having us over again to teach him more. We also visited a few less active members and watched the womens conference. That was so cool; the spirit was so strong in their house! I love that. also, I got pooped on my a bird hahahaha it landed on my face and went down my shirt...#awkward. lol. we were biking to a less active's house. Also we got a member to give one of our investigators, Gerard, a ride to church! I think he liked it. It was a great week of miracles. That's something that hit me this week: Believe in Miracles. I realized that when I was a newer, younger missionary that I totally believed in miracles happening and that God would provide a way for something to be done. Well, now that I'm further into my mission, I started to become numb to that idea and thought "Well, people have their free agency so how could a miracle happen here" and I, unknowingly, stopped believing in miracles!! Well the thought hit me the other night sitting on a tram ride home that I can still believe in miracles. God's hand is in everything. I know His plan is far greater than my plan. I know He still performs miracles. 

My birthday was great, though still stressful (whoever thought missionary work wasn't stressful was terribly wrong) (I can't think of anyone who's every thought that though haha) but it was good. we worked with the zone leaders and did some finding (of course we had no lessons) but we ate at a chinese restaurant for my birthday for lunch then did more work then later that night we had the amsterdam elders who live across our street and the Zaandam elders come to our backyard to have mexican burritos and deliciousness. it was fun. I still am not a fan of birthdays however haha. it's weird to be 20...I still feel 15. where does time go?!?!? 

I am loving working in this threesome. The past week has just been so fun. We are working until we are exhausted each day...and loving it. I love this work. I love being a missionary. It's who i am and I want to be one for the rest of my life...good thing every member a missionary right??? ;) 

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! Remember Mosiah 4:9 and Luke 1:37

Believe in Miracles. 
Veel Liefs, 

Zuster Brigette Harris


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